U.S. Geography

MindSnacks brings U.S. Geography to life with knowledge-packed games you won’t be able to stop playing!

With 8 addictive games that tap into leading-edge breakthroughs in the science of learning and that cover all 50 states, our app is perfect for beginning, intermediate, and advanced geography learners, as well as travelers and fact fanatics of all ages. Buckle up: it’s time for a virtual road trip through the US that will earn you the nickname “Human Atlas” in no time.

Our engaging games go far beyond state capitals, teaching you the fascinating ins and outs of each state, from famous citizens to major landmarks to state mottos. Adjust the difficulty level to suit you, and marvel as MindSnacks’ unique algorithm tailors lessons to your learning process. US geography is a visual, culture-filled subject, and with MindSnacks U.S. Geography—the most sophisticated and content-rich geography app ever designed—students will gain a full understanding of the country and their place in it.

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