Common Questions

What is MindSnacks?

MindSnacks is a language learning game that builds essential vocabulary, reading, listening, and conversational skills.

What level language learner is MindSnacks for?

MindSnacks works for beginner- and intermediate-level foreign language speakers.

How do I play locked games?

Locked games can be unlocked by completing Challenges. Check the "Challenges tab" to see the current Challenge you need to complete.

How do I master a word or phrase?

Each item in your level can be mastered by answering questions correctly within the mini games. A mastered item is signified by a gold star.

Can multiple users play on the same device?

Yes! You can create additional users by going to the Profile tab, signing out and tapping the Sign Up button. Each new user will receive a complimentary level.

I've leveled up, but I still need practice! What do I do?

Fear not! As you're progressing through the level, we show you mastered items to make sure you're retaining your knowledge. If you want more practice, you can review completed lessons by tapping the Review tab and going to Completed Levels. There you can review the content of any completed level and play games by tapping the blue Review button!

Do you have audio clips of pronunciations?

Yes! Tap any row in the Review tab to hear a pronunciation.

What's in the full version of MindSnacks?

Six games, 24 challenges, and 50 levels packed with thousands of words & phrases are included.

Which Apple devices are supported?

We support all iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices running iOS 4.3 or later.

Do you plan to release an Android version?

Yes. We hope to soon. We're hiring for a developer if you know someone awesome.

I can't hear any of the pronunciations, but my volume is up. What gives?

Check that the mute button on the side of your device is turned off. If you see orange, that means the device is muted and needs to be switched off.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password by going here.

What is your favorite animal?

We are large fans of apes, common giraffes, anglerfish, & North-Western American Unicorns.

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